Worrora medical student delivers Derby bubs

Worrora medical student delivers Derby bubs Vinka Barunga is in her final year of medicine at UWA.

Monday 9 January 2017

Currently in her final year of Medicine at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Worrora medical student Vinka Barunga has returned from a placement in her regional home town of Derby late last year. Her trip back to Derby in her last year of studies saw her working at the local hospital’s obstetrics/maternity team.

She shares, “I was able to be present at many births and deliver a few babies. Being part of helping bring families together and bringing life into this world – there are no words to describe that feeling.”

Vinka’s placement is significant not only because she is a local, but also because Derby has never had a full-time Aboriginal doctor employed at the hospital.

She was inspired to undertake medicine after witnessing firsthand the impact of history on health outcomes in her own community.

“I’ve seen the living and health conditions of Aboriginal people, of my own family. I know and understand how history has influenced what we are seeing in Indigenous Australia today and I want to be part of the positive changes that are and will continue to happen in the future,” she says.