Where Can University Take Me?

Where Can University Take Me?
Studying at university and other tertiary institutions can open up a new world of career pathways, job options and learning experiences.

Higher education gives you more career choices

A degree can lead to solid qualifications that are highly regarded and sought after by employers in Australia and overseas. Not only do many jobs require tertiary training but undergraduate degrees give students a better understanding of their capabilities and potential career paths.

What does having an university degree mean?

Completing a university degree indicates more about you than just your grades. University degrees, on average, take three years, with some of the more technical courses such as medicine, law and engineering taking up to five or six years of study.

Like any other graduate, completing a degree demonstrates that you can commit to something long-term, manage your time, be disciplined and engage in learning and working in a structured environment.

By the time you complete your degree you will have proven your ability to complete assessments on time, undertake and pass examinations, effectively handle other responsibilities such as sporting or voluntary activities, meet the obligations of family and perhaps hold down a part-time job.

These are important factors that employers consider when employing a new graduate. You will be a desirable employee because you have already exhibited qualities and skills such as dedication, goal-setting, organisation, time and task management and persistence.

An undergraduate student gains transferable knowledge, skills and credentials. As an Indigenous graduate – due to the fact that there are not as many of us as we would like – it is more than likely that you will be in great demand by prospective employers!

Of course, a degree may not be the only factor that an employer will consider. Previous work experience will count, as will the unique personal qualities that you can bring to the job. You may not think that a degree will help you to obtain a particular position but, if you’re in competition with other applicants, a degree can be seen as multiplying your chances of success. 

Professor Steve Larkin

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