Preparatory and Enabling Programs

What are Preparatory and Enabling programs?

If you are not sure whether undergraduate study is right for you, these programs give you an opportunity to experience a taste of university life, how it all works and what's required of students.

These programs can be general or specific.

  • General – allowing you to enter a range of undergraduate courses upon successful completion
  • Specific – designed to prepare you for a particular course or area of study

What do the program involve?

  • Programs are usually run on campus.
  • Programs can range from 4 weeks (intensive preparatory programs) to a year-long full-time course (pathways courses).
  • Providers may offer part-time or long distance options.

Does it cost anything?

Some programs incur course fees and participants may be required to purchase course materials and text books. There may also be costs associated with applying for these courses through a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC).

How do I apply?

Applications are usually made directly to the course provider; however some require application through a Tertiary Admision Centre . Candidates may then be required to undergo an interview and/or testing process to assess their suitability for the program.

Some preparatory and enabling programs involve completing a full length Certified course, leading to the achievement of Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced diplomas or Associate degrees.  

What happens if I complete a pathways course successfully?

  • Some courses guarantee entry into a degree course
  • Some courses help you to meet the requirements to apply and compete for admission to a degree course
  • Some courses will award you credit towards the relevant degree if you successfully gain entry

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