Different Ways to Get into Uni

Many universities have Alternative Entry Schemes (AES) specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as well as for all Australians.

These schemes allow you to enter university in a different way to high school leavers, often by reviewing other skills and experience you have.

You can also enrol in Preparatory and Enabling a Programs (PEP) which prepare you for university study and can lead to admission in an undergraduate course.

If you need to brush up on a specific subject in order to gain entry, or simply want some further preparation, you can also complete a Bridging Course (BC).

It’s a great idea to contact a university’s Indigenous Higher Education Unit (IHEU) on-campus to better understand which entry process will best suit your situation. 

The university admissions and student services centres at a university can also assist you to find out how to apply for your course. 

Types of alternative pathways available

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